About Us


Sydney Central Pumps is an on site and workshop-based pump repair and maintenance company.

We are a one-stop pump shop, providing you with everything that you need for your pump system. We carry all major brand systems and spare parts; and have expertise and experience in their installation, repair and maintenance.

Our focus is on pump maintenance and repair.

We believe that pump systems can work for you for long periods of time, regardless of their brand, as long as you are diligent in their maintenance. We work with building owners and managers, as well as homeowners, in maintenance planning and implementation. Our team strives to minimise breakdowns and improve pump installations.


Tight-Knit Family Business

Sydney Central Pumps is a tight-knit family business. We are a small team, made up of people who really care about the business. This is not just our trade – this is our life. And we are proud of what we do.

Pump Repair and Maintenance

As the company’s focal service, we’ve been able to offer exemplary repair and maintenance to our roster of clients. We are proud of the experts that we have in our team. They’ve put in the hard work to become our in-house gurus. For pump repair and maintenance issues, these are the people you can rely on.

Fully-Equipped Workshop and Utes

The teams at Sydney Central Pumps have, for their client servicing needs, fully-equipped and well-stocked workshop and utes at their disposal. On site service is almost always addressed from well-equipped utes. Cases that require more examination are brought into our workshop. Whatever the case, you are assured that we have everything that we need to provide you with the best pump repair solution.

When you need pump work done, call the Sydney Central Pumps team.

We are your one-stop shop for everything that you need when it comes to pump installation, repair and maintenance.

We provide service to all of Sydney via our fully-equipped utes and workshop. Our team makes sure to respond to pump repair issues promptly, and provide efficient and unique solutions. We work together with our clients; and this guarantees that all needs are addressed.

We’ve become the preferred pump repair and maintenance team in Sydney. Call us now to know how we can help you with your pump system needs.